BOLT and Blockchain Association to Offer Cryptocurrency Education Series in Kenya


Today we’re proud to announce our new partnership with BOLT.Global (“BOLT”), an online blockchain powered content platform for emerging markets like Kenya. Bolt is a short, trending mobile video content service for content producers in emerging markets to monetize their creativity and skills. Bolt uses their valuable blockchain tokens to reward content creators for producing interesting and engaging content. In the process these content will reach a global audience through BOLT.

As part of its launch, BOLT will sponsor local students to go through the Blockchain Association of Kenya learning program, accessible via the Bolt app. Students will use BOLT as a real word use-case and get rewarded with BOLT Tokens upon completion of the course.

Speaking on the partnership via video, Michael Kimani, Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Kenya said “Education is a core theme in our 2019 strategy. We want to make an impact on how our young Kenyans can harness the potential of Blockchain and address some of the challenges of youth unemployment facing Kenya today.”

The Blockchain Association of Kenya education series on cryptocurrencies and blockchain will be hosted on BOLTs online content platform, making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection across Kenya. The course is geared towards African relevant use cases.

“Our goal is to educate millions of Kenyans” said Michael.


Source: Bitcoinke

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