World Blockchain Summit by Trescon all set for Nairobi on March 20th

Trescon, in partnership with The Blockchain Association of Kenya will bring together over 400 delegates for the largest event of its kind in Kenya, the second annual Nairobi Blockchain Summit on March 20th. This event will bring together blockchain thought leaders, representatives from the government, and private sector for a full day of networking, and outcome driven knowledge sharing on the role of blockchain in East Africa’s economies.

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As a core component of the 4th industrial revolution, blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has captured the attention of technology pioneers in both government and private sector in East Africa. In 2018, blockchain became part of the national agenda of Kenya, endorsed by his Excellency, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta President of Kenya, followed by the setting up of a task force by the Ministry of ICT to carve out a strategic plan for the country.

Some of  the notable blockchain projects ongoing in Kenya and broader East Africa include:

  • Blockchain for motor vehicle asset registry by the NTSA
  • Blockchain for a real estate assets by the Government of Kenya through Ministry of Housing and urban development
  • Cryptocurrency blockchains for cross border and online payments by Opera, Africa’s most popular browser
  • Blockchain for data and lending by IBM and Twiga foods
  • Blockchain for Coffee Supply chain transparency in Uganda

In line with our mission, vision and objectives as a pioneer and champion of blockchain technology in Kenya and East Africa since 2015, the Blockchain Association of Kenya , as an association partner for Trescon, has put together an exciting lineup of panel discussions, workshops, keynotes and fireside chats to turn this national agenda to reality.

This summit will convene industry thought leaders such as:

  • Professor Bitange Ndemo, Chairman of the Blockchain Taskforce to share their much anticipated report
  • Kwame Rugunda, Chairman of the Blockchain association of Uganda to share on the state of blockchain in Uganda
  • Elizabeth Howard, Director of the African Crowdfunding Association to share on how blockchain can aid SME financing and fundraising capital for startups in Africa
  • Fernando Wangila, Head of ICT and Innovation at the National Transport and Safety Authority on using blockchain for a national assets registry

Speakers have been drawn from government agencies, local startups and legacy institutions from financial services, agriculture, trade, shipping and more, who are all working to innovate, adopt and integrate blockchain technology in their business processes.

As a network of pioneers and advocates of blockchain for Africa, we are proud to partner with Trescon to put Kenya on the map of the next industrial revolution.

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See you there!

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About: The Blockchain Association of Kenya is a non-profit organization set up and registered in October 2017 under the Societies Act Cap 12 Laws of Kenya to promote the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology in Kenya and East Africa by building a network of competent homegrown human capital.

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