Aviator in Kenyan Online Casinos

Aviator in Kenyan Online Casinos

Updated: 28.11.2022
By Brad Isaac

Yes, slot and table game play in online casinos is fascinating. However, if you fancy a fast-paced, spine-chilling, captivating, and highly-rewarding alternative, Aviator in Kenyan online casinos is one of the best options. The game is famous primarily due to its social and multiplayer aspects. It features an in-game chat feature, allowing players to converse, discuss strategies, and even banter with each other while enjoying the game.

Also, the Aviator betting game has other revolutionary features like live bets and live statistics, offering players a more immersive experience. Moreover, it integrates provably fair technology, making the game transparent and honest. The primary goal of the Aviator game online is to get the highest multiplier coefficient and make the most profit than other online gamblers.

Still, it isn’t that straightforward, as you’ll have to make crucial in-game decisions. Will you stand and win more while amplifying the risk or will you fold? In this depth-charged review, we’ll explain all the nitty-gritty of the Aviator real money game. In addition, you’ll find the top 10 list of online casinos in Kenya with Aviator on this page. 

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About Aviator

Spribe is the spell-binding iGaming software publisher behind this evocative online casino game. Aviator is an instant-win arcade game using the crash curve mechanic which has received massive adoption since the game’s installation in 2019. It has become amongst the most popular instant win games and the most successful ones in Spribe’s catalogue since then.

The Aviator money game features a flying aircraft that leaves behind a curve as it soars higher into the sky. The curve has multiplier coefficients, and the multiplier increases the higher the curve and the aeroplane fly. In addition, the game has two betting interfaces allowing players to place two simultaneous bets. When the game begins, the multiplier coefficient starts at 1x.

It then increases the higher the plane soars up to over 10,000x. The provably fair RNG Aviator game algorithm will decide a round’s winning multiplier. It can be 1.01x, 2.0x, 4.0x, 20x, or 50x- there’s no telling. So, to win in Aviator, you have to click “Cash Out” before the plane flies away or crashes. For example, if you cash out while the multiplier coefficient is at 10x, your bet will be multiplied by this coefficient to give you a payout.

However, if it crashes, you burn (lose the round) and, consequently, your bet is lost. And that’s where the game’s conundrum arises and, at the same time, the thrill of it all. If you cash out too early, you’ll miss out on better multipliers that boost your payout incredibly. On the other hand, if you wait out too long, you risk losing your entire wager. Your Swiss-watch precision cashout timing will come in handy here. Talk about the game preying on gamblers’ instincts!

How to play Aviator game online

So, how do you play the Aviator game online for real money? It’s pretty straightforward. First, you’ll have to create an account with any online casino from our recommended top 10 list in Kenya. If you want to play for fun (no real money gameplay), download the Aviator online game apk on your Android mobile devices or enjoy a demo version in an online casino (no download required).

Therefore, a typical Aviator real money game round involves the following easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Deposit funds to your casino account via crypto or fiat.
  2. Load Aviator.
  3. Place the amount of bet you desire. You’ll have about 10-15 seconds to do that. Also, remember that you can place two bets running simultaneously to try to increase your winnings.
  4. The aircraft takes off with a 1x multiplier, increasing until the plane crashes. This happens randomly.
  5. Click “Cash Out” before the plane vanishes or crashes. Your discipline and timing will determine whether you win or lose. Remember, if the aircraft vanishes before you cash out, you lose.

The Aviator money game doesn’t have extra in-game features and bonus rounds like in online slots. Nevertheless, depending on the online casino, it features some organised tournaments and a Rain Promo that randomly awards players free bets in the chat room. You can claim these free bets by clicking the “Claim” button in the in-game chat room.

The game comes with 97% RTP, amongst the best for instant-win games. This is a good return since, theoretically, if you bet 1000 Kenyan shillings over an extended gambling session, you can expect a return of KES 970. Still, you can win more over short gaming periods.

Aviator game rules

Like other online casino games, the Aviator game online has certain rules you must stick to while playing. We’ll explore these rules below, but you can still access them from the game’s interface by clicking the menu icon on the top right and selecting “Game Rules.” To begin with, the minimum accepted amount in Aviator is KES 10, while the maximum is KES 10,000.

The said value increases to KES 20,000 if you play with two active betting panels. You can add the second bet panel by tapping the (+) icon on the top-right of the first panel. You have about 10-15 seconds to place your bets, and you must click “Cash Out” before the aircraft crashes for you to win a round. If you don’t, you lose. Interestingly, if there’s an internet disconnection before you tap that button, cashing out will be done automatically.

The Aviator real money game in Kenya offers the following game functions:

  • Bet: Tap this button to place bets after selecting the desired amount.
  • Cash Out: Click this function during the game to capture your winnings and get payouts depending on the multiplier at that time. 
  • Auto Play: This function automatically allows you to place bets from 10 up to 100 rounds. You can further customise this function to stop the Auto Play if; cash decreases by, cash increases by, or if a single win exceeds your respective specified amounts.
  • Auto Cash Out: If your cashout timing is too slow, you can use this function to perform cashouts automatically. Just set the multiplier at which the auto cashout will be initiated.

We understand it gets tricky to time everything to ensure you profit from this game. For that reason, we’ll provide some Spribe Aviator game tricks and strategies later in this article that you can use to try and boost your winnings.

Live statistics in Aviator game

Logically, the Aviator game in Kenya offers a live casino-like experience since all players in the game are betting on the same aircraft in real time. You can ascertain this since the live bet panel on the left indicates the total number of bets placed and the winning multipliers and players of each round as the game unfolds.

Incredibly, these live statistics are available for everyone to see. As such, you can view the bet amount, winning multiplier, and the total cashout of each player. Also, you can view your bet stats, including date, cashout, bet, and multiplier, in the “My Bets” section of your live bet panel. With the Aviator game algorithm, you can verify each of your game outcomes to confirm each round’s fairness. We’ll look at how this verifiable algorithm works later in this piece.

In addition to checking your bet stats, the Aviator live statistics module showcases a detailed result of the daily, monthly, and yearly statistics of Huge Wins, Biggest Wins, and the best Multipliers. To view this information low-down, click the “Top” bar on the live bet panel. Furthermore, you can engage each other via the game’s chat room to make it more appealing, competitive, and fun.

How the Aviator game algorithm works

Provably fair technology is the Aviator game algorithm that provides honest and transparent outcomes. Here’s how this cryptographic blockchain invention works:

  1. Before a round begins, the tech generates random game outcomes factoring in the client seed (it’s provided by your web browser), server seed (your casino site supplies this component), and cryptographic nonce (a complete record of your entire gambling session).
  2. You’ll receive a hashed (encrypted) server seed before betting and a browser-generated client seed. It’s advisable to modify the client seed for security. You can change this from the “Provably fair settings” menu in the game.
  3. After betting, these two seeds will link to decide the game’s outcome.
  4. After the round, you’ll receive an unhashed client seed which you’ll use to verify the fairness. The nonce helps you verify a specific game result.

You can verify game outcomes by tapping the green “Check fairness” icon at the bottom. Alternatively, you can copy the hash information and paste it into the text field of any free SHA256 hash generator online. So, with the Aviator game online, you participate in the verification process of your results for extra confidence in game transparency.

Aviator game strategies and tricks

We’ll start by noting that the strategies we’ll highlight below are not foolproof. Therefore, they can’t guarantee winnings and can be used only to increase your chances of winning the game. While you can employ your personal Spribe Aviator game tricks, these are the most recommended strategies:

  • Free play: If you’re a novice, you may be tempted to play without learning the rules and game statistics. So, before real money play, we recommend you play the free Aviator version continuously. That way, you’ll master the game rules and functions and perfect your cashout timing technique.
  • Double bet: Here, you run two simultaneous wagers, one with a lower amount and the other with a higher amount. You then cash out the high-value bet early and hold out the low-value wager longer to aim for higher multipliers.
  • Statistics strategy: Discipline and patience will save you in the Aviator betting game. The trick is to analyse the multiplier stats sharply to estimate when higher multipliers will hit. Typically, you aim to wait for low multipliers to come first and use the double bet strategy on somewhat higher multipliers.
  • Early bird: Here, you bet high and cash out very early on low multipliers. Although you’ll have frequent small wins, there will be less risk. In the end, the aim is profitability.


Aviator in Kenyan online casinos provides not only a real-time social experience but also a delightful, hair-raising, and profitable one. The game is easy to learn, even for a newbie, offers attractive multipliers (over 10,000x), and above all, is provably fair. Sign up at any of our top 10 Aviator online casinos in Kenya to enjoy this memorable crash game.

Aviator game FAQ

How much can I win in Aviator?
The Aviator game in Kenya can deliver impressive wins up to over 10,000x your bet amount. For example, with a KES 20 bet and a 10,000x multiplier, you could win KES 200,000.
How to play Aviator game and win?
The gameplay is elementary. Simply choose a bet size, place your bets (one or two per round), and click "Cash Out" at your desired multiplier before the plane crashes to win.
Is Aviator game legit in Kenya?
Yes. The game supplier, Spribe, is fully licensed and only partners with regulated casinos. Besides, it uses blockchain provably fair technology for transparency. Therefore, you can play, prove its fairness, and withdraw your winnings.
When should I click cash out?
It all depends on your strategies and instincts. There's no specific time to cash out. However, you can cash out early for frequent small wins or wait for higher multipliers while increasing the risk.
Are there any helpful tricks in Aviator?
While there are no watertight Spribe Aviator game tricks, you can use our recommended strategies to try and increase your winning frequency and chances.