Blockchain Kenya Working Groups Public Forum

The Blockchain Association of Kenya is hosting a working groups forum, open to anyone and everyone to draw out feedback on the recently released Blockchain and Emerging technologies report by The Kenya Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Taskforce chaired by Dr. Bitange Ndemo.

This event will assume everyone is familiar with the blockchain report and have made an effort to go over it here. – with an emphasis on blockchain.


The Agenda: To draw out well thought out feedback on the Blockchain and Emerging technologies taskforce report that can improve/support/critic the report’s conclusions.

Outcome: Clear summary of actionable feedback from participants  to be submitted to the Taskforce drawn from the BAK’s community and network under the following segments highlighted by the report

Format: 8 Groups for each topic to flesh out points

Groups assigned as

  1. Wellness/Healthcare/lifestyle/fitness
  2. Governance eg of small and big government, of government agencies, of elections 
  3. Culture/heritage eg music, language
  4. Food security, agriculture, & agriculture supply chains
  5. Capital markets, financial inclusion, fintech
  6. Real estate, housing, construction, land titling 
  7. Manufacturing, and supply chains
  8. Others

Date and Time: August 7th, Wednesday,  5.30 – 8.30pm

Location: Metta Nairobi, 14th Riverside drive (link to map)

Charges: FREE

A program for the event can be found here

Betty Asava, Frank Deya and Benjamin Arunda will steer the event.


If you would like to lead a working group discussions on August 7th, please email us on



Communications Desk,

Blockchain Association of Kenya

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