EVENT: Unlocking New Opportunities, Why You Should Pay Attention to Cryptocurrencies

We are partnering with learning communities and networks as part of our mission to grow awareness in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Kenya and East Africa.

Due to growing interest in Cryptocurrencies in Kenya and East Africa today, Centonomy Ltd, a financial literacy institution based in Kenya and Cryptobaraza, Africa’s number 1 cryptocurrency learning and investing network, announced season 3 of Making Sense of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Program, set to kick off on July 31st, 2020.

The program will be preceded by a 2-day Virtual Webinar series on 16th and 17th July 5.30pm – 7.30pm dubbed:

Unlocking New Opportunities and Why you should pay attention to Cryptocurrencies

Day 1: July 16th

On this day Centonomy and Cryptobaraza are partnering with 4 leading community organizations from East Africa that are helping learners explore new opportunities while maneuvering challenges.

This day will feature a distinguished panel of East Africa’s Blockchain Associations

  • Roselyn Gicira, Chairperson, Blockchain Associations of Kenya
  • Kwame Rugunda, Chairperson, Blockchain Association of Uganda
  • Norbert Haguma, Chairperson Blockchain Association of Rwanda
  • Sandra Chogo,Co-founder Blocktech Tanzania and Rwanda

Both days will be moderated by Michael Kimani, Creator of Cryptobaraza and the founder of Blockchain Association of Kenya

Day 2: July 17th

On this day attendees will get a taste of Making Sense of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies, a hands-on program from highly rated program instructors for free.

All attendees of the 2-day event will additionally get a How to avoid a scam guide prepared by the associations.

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About Cryptobaraza

Cryptobaraza brings together individuals and groups of people interested in learning and investing in Cryptocurrencies. It is designed, built and backed by Tollbridge International Limited.

About Centonomy

Centonomy Ltd is a financial literacy institution that seeks to shift mindsets so that purposeful people can create wealth and live abundantly. Centonomy has trained over 15,000 people to date through various programs and reached millions via their online platforms. Through coaching, the institution assists individuals in achieving their own definition of financial freedom, career advancement, and business success. Individuals learn to define their values and be motivated to proactively structure their lives. It has since offered mentorship to youth through the Centonomy Teens and Campus Edition programs.

Source: The Kenyan Wallstreet 



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