📺How East Africa is utilizing blockchain technology to drive change: VIDEO INTERVIEW

Watch this interview with our Chairman, Michael Kimani for FintechTV’s Digital Asset Report on how East Africa is utilizing blockchain technology to drive change.

Watch it here > https://fintech.tv/michael-kimani-acting-chairperson-blockchain-association-kenya/

This interview was conducted while Michael was Acting Chairman, for Digital Asset Report, one of the most watched programs in the Blockchain sector and has been seen by over 4-million viewers worldwide 🌎

Digital Assets report provides a look forward on digital assets, blockchain, crypto, innovation, disruption and legislation/regulation. 

About Michael Kimani

Michael ‘Kioneki’ Kimani is an experienced market builder of Fintech, blockchain, and digital currency products in Africa, spanning seven years, working on five blockchain, five fintech, and five cryptocurrency projects, across six African countries.

He has worked on public sector projects with governments in Africa, multinational corporations such as Visa, up and coming startups like Zippie, academic networks like the London School of Economics and non-profit network organizations such as the Blockchain Association of Kenya.

You can find him on linkedin, his curated thoughts on twitter @pesa_africa and collection of essays at kioneki


By BAK Communications Desk

9:57 Tue 19 January 2021

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