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About Us

BAK is a non-profit society registered in Kenya, under the Societies Act.

The Blockchain Association of Kenya is a non-profit organization set up and registered in October 2017 under the Societies Act Cap 12 Laws of Kenya to promote the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology in Kenya and East Africa by building a network of competent homegrown human capital.

We are based out of Nairobi, Kenya

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To culture a network of East African people and organizations with the capacity and resources to build Africa’s future through blockchain technology.


To build an East African network of homegrown talent with superior knowledge and relevant skills on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, so we can contribute to the state of African Healthcare, Agriculture, Financial Services,Trade and Services.

Set of values in achieving our goals
Our collective desire to offer empowerment is driven by our values.

We are a community with a shared vision of the success for Africa and its people.

Explore Opportunities

We explore opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry

Leadership by Example

We do what we say and lead from the front lines.

Inclusive Collaboration and Sharing

We encourage diversity in our network of people and organizations and encourage pollination through collaboration and sharing.

Champion African innovation

We are strong proponents of African innovation for its people, communities and networks.

Learn and work with the best

We welcome people and organizations who excel at what they do. We work with the best and learn from the best.

Objectives as per the Constitution
  • To promote professional standards in the use, distribution, and training of blockchain technology education.
  • To assist its membersinimprovingtheircapacitytoprovidethehighestquality blockchain technology services.
  • To promote professional standards in the use, distribution, agency and market making of blockchain assets by its members.
  • To provide training, education and business development services for people working as practitioners of blockchain technology.
  • To promote exchange and cooperation between members and encourage members to cooperate with public and social organizations with similar business interests.
  • To carry out research on the blockchain technology industry’s policy, plans and behavior in order to improve and further the capacity of Kenya’s blockchain technology industry.
  • To work with the Kenyan government in enhancing and strengthening the blockchain industry by offering regulatory consultancy.
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Led by a team of 3 Elected Officials

Michael is a thought leader and strategic advisor on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies with over 5 years experience as a consultant, practitioner, speaker, writer and champion.

Michael is passionate about cryptocurrencies, digital assets and turning Kenya into a global financial hub for blockchain assets. Michael believes cryptocurrency is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Africa to rewrite its history.