Ordinary Member – Ordinary Members shall be Block chain professionals, practitioners, enthusiasts and any party or person that the Committee deems eligible and useful in fulfilling the Societies objectives, and meets any further criteria set out by the Committee.

Academic Institutions – academic institutions providing educational and training programs relevant to the Blockchain Industry, licensed by the relevant Government body or International body (where applicable), and meeting any further additional criteria that the Committee may from time to time prescribe.

Industry Partners – Industry partners shall be private or public institutions providing services that are directly or indirectly linked to the Blockchain Industry and meet any additional criteria that the Committee from time to time may prescribe.

Government Representatives – These shall consist of representatives from relevant Government Ministries such as the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology; amongst any other ministries that may be interested or intend to contribute or facilitate the objectives of the Society.

Honorary Members – Honorary Members shall be individuals who have served in the Blockchain Industry or similar industry that lend specific insight to Blockchain and the objectives of the Society, for a period that the Committee deems adequate and retired but wish to contribute to the objectives of BAK.

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